macOS Sierra – It Struck My Fancy and then it didn’t.

Why I was disappointed to learn I couldn’t use the features I was most excited about using in macOS Sierra.

macOS Sierra It Struck My Fancy and then it didn't.


Downloading and installing macOS Sierra, it struck my fancy.  Let me tell you, I was excited.  I really was.  I get all giddy about new things for my gadgets.  My Mac is my biggest gadget of them all and THIS time, she was going to get some fun stuff that normally is reserved for my iPad mini or iPhone 6s.  How cool was it going to be to use Siri on my Mac, to copy and paste from my iPhone to my Mac, not to mention unlock my Mac from my Apple Watch?  Very cool, that’s how cool.

Putting it off

I put it off.  I did, even though I was truly excited for it.  I put it off because I had a bunch of posts to create for my church website (it gets way more of my time than this blog) and I didn’t want to have my mac down for very long.  I had looked it up how long it would take to download and install macOS Sierra and it said it could take 1-4 hours just to download it, and then the time it would take to install.  I think it that was 45 minutes if I remember correctly.


I finally felt like I had the time to go for it.  Well, the download was way faster than I had expected.  Mac was finished with that in NINE minutes.  I was stoked!  On to install.  That took about an hour.  Overall, pretty fast.  So now the fun part, right?

The fun begins

Really I should say the frustration begins.  The first thing that frustrated me was having to install what I needed to make Photoshop open.  That actually took a bit of time.  From there I wanted to try to copy a photo from my iPhone and paste it to the Mac.  I couldn’t figure it out.  I figured I’d play with unlocking my Mac with my Apple Watch instead.  Couldn’t figure that out. Searched it.  Went through the steps they said I needed to do, to find that the option I had to click didn’t exist on my Mac.  I was so bummed out, and wasted so much time trying to make it work.

My Mac is older than I thought

I just missed the cut off, my Mac is from mid 2011 (how can that be, it runs so well) and it has to be 2012 or newer.  SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!  Disappointment.  Those were the features I was excited for.  The thought of not having to put my password in on my Mac was thrilling.  UGH!

Siri on my Mac

macOS Sierra - Why I was disappointed to learn I couldn't use the features I was most excited about.More disappointment.  I had actually expected to be disappointed with Siri on the Mac.  I am not that impressed with her on the iPhone, so you get it.  I was able to have her speak with an Irish accent like I have on my iPhone, so that is cool.  I have not played with her much since installing macOS Sierra, but I will spend more time with her.  So far, she can’t play songs I request very often, even though they are in iTunes.

I will test out her ability to find files and such on my Mac, we will see how that goes.  Mostly I use her to amuse myself.  You can see I asked her how she was this evening.  Cute reply.

Should you download macOS Sierra?

If you have a newer Mac then yes, for sure go and download macOS Sierra on to your machine.  Then you can come tell me how much I am missing out on.  I really wanted to have my Mac be unlocked by my Apple Watch.  If you have an older Mac, like I do…then you can wait.  Certainly wait until you have time for the download and install because mine was fast (I have fast internet here), but yours may not be.  I’ll cross my fingers for you.

Final Thoughts

I am disappointed.  I’m sure you have gathered that.  I am pleased to have the most up to date macOS by having Sierra.  I am sure I will find something good about it the more days that pass.

Have you downloaded and installed macOS Sierra?  Let me know if it struck your fancy.

macOS Sierra - Why I was disappointed to learn I couldn't use the features I was most excited about.

The positive thing that came from installing macOS Sierra, finding this free mockup to make the image for this post.    I found some really awesome free for commercial use goodies on   The mock up I used is Designed by Graphictwister / Freepik you should check out all of the great stuff you can use from there to create your own goodies.

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macOS Sierra – It Struck My Fancy and then it didn’t.
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