So, you want some extra sleep Christmas morning?  Yup, me too.  I have a couple of tips to help you accomplish the goal of getting to have extra time with those sugar plums that will be dancing in your head this December 25th!  My #1 Tip For Getting Extra Sleep Christmas Morning really does strike my fancy, I think it will strike yours as well!

It is something that I have always done since having children…and that is quite a few years now.  Actually it was a tradition that we had in my family growing up.  I think it stemmed from the fact that we did not have a fireplace with a mantel.  We only had a wood burning stove that we could not hang our stockings on.  So, I believe my mother stumbled upon this; but she may have just known that doing this one simple thing would give her and my dad at least a few extra minutes on Christmas morning.

My #1 Tip For Getting Extra Sleep Christmas Morning - A Christmas Tradition that will give you more sleep this Christmas - Pin and save for later!

My #1 Tip For Getting Extra Sleep Christmas Morning

Leave your child’s Christmas Stocking on their bed before you go to bed on Christmas Eve!

Simple right?  Yes, it really is.  Let your child know that Santa will be leaving their stocking on the end of their bed (you can tell them you emailed him, called him, sent him a letter, sent him a text advising him that he should leave them there), and that they have permission to open all of the contents in that stocking before they come to wake you up.  BAM!  You just got some extra time to sleep.  You’re welcome.

Now, I am sure that there are other families out there that do this.  I still keep with this tradition even though we do have the picture perfect mantel to hang our stockings from.  We do hang them there still…and Santa just leaves them in their rooms after he fills them.

My #2 Tip for Getting Extra Sleep Christmas Morning

Have Santa wrap every little thing you can in that stocking that is being left on their bed!

I never did this…Santa never did this when I was growing up.  I just started this last year and my older children that know what’s up with Santa, have told me how they loved unwrapping all of the little goodies.  So, you gained more sleep from having them open their stocking in their room and just a bit more time from the time it takes for them to unwrap them all.

Bonus Tip #3 (it won’t help you get extra sleep, sorry)

Have Santa wrap each child’s Christmas gifts in different paper.  What I mean by that is, buy a different pattern for each child.  This may not save sleep, but it saves time and money in not having to fill out gift tags!  I am so super smart, or Santa is.  The way my children know which gifts are theirs is that they would be given a piece of that paper in their stocking.  That is what Santa used to do before he started wrapping all the gifts in their stockings.

There you have it folks!  Three Christmas Tips

#3 Wrap in different paper for each child

#2 Wrap all stocking gifts to gain bonus moments of sleep

#1 Have Santa leave stocking on their beds so that you get to sleep just that much longer Christmas morning!


I hope you have a most blessed and Happy Christmas!

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My #1 Tip For Getting Extra Sleep Christmas Morning – It Struck My Fancy
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